We write about this because we work with two of them on a daily basis: Gold and Diamonds. We think that this list might be everything but dull. It is amazing to know the price per gram of each material, some of them are incredibly expensive, so much that only 1 single gram of antimatter costs 62,5 billion USD. How many cars, houses and companies could you buy with that amount of money? Never mind, don't get sad, let’s take a look at the list so that you can ask Father Christmas for all of them !

15. Gold

Price: 56,73 $ per gram. 
Apart from the traditional use of gold in Jewelry issues, gold can be used as an electrical conductor and even to avoid corrosion.

14. Rhodium

Price: $ 58 per gram aprox.
Rhodium is mainly used in catalytic converters to reduce carbon emissions from cars. It is one of the rarest and most valuable precious metals.

13. Platinum

Price: $ 58 per gram aprox.
You can use platinum as a catalyst for scientific experiments, it can be worn as jewelry and it can be used as anti-cancer pills.

12. Methamphetamine

Price: $ 100 per gram. 
It is very attractive for youngsters and party people as it has a high grade of euphoria. It is widely used on discos.

11. Rhinoceros Horns

Price: $ 110 per gram

They are used as a solution for Cancer in Vietnam. Its medical use also includes the treatment of feversand other diseases.

10. Heroine

Price: $ 110 per gram

Sadly, heroine is only used as a powerful drug that comes from Opium. It is also used as a medicine but countries are forbidding them as junkies steal it to get high pricking themselves with a syringe.

9. Cocaine

Price: $ 215 per gram

Cocaine: Another expensive drug that makes one think faster, talk louder and move quicker. At least this is what people say…

8. LSD

Price: LSD in liquid form can be worth 3.000 dollars per gram. It is one of the most dangerous drugs as it provokes hallucinations.

7. Plutonium

Price: 4.000 dólares per gram. 
It Is used to create allkind ofnuclear things. There are 2 typesof plutonium,one of whichis usedforweaponsand the other one fornuclear reactors.

6. Moussaief Red Diamond

Price: 9,000 USD per gram or 1.800 USD per carat. 
It is considered the rarest gemstone in the world, and is used as a crystal for healing, or simply as decoration.

5. Taffeit

Price: From 2,5 to 20 million dollars per gram, or from 500 to 4.000 per carat.

Yes, I think so too, If only I’d fin done! It is the only gemstone to have been initially identified from a faceted stone. Purple jewel, it is said to be a million times rarer than diamonds. Because of its extreme rarity, it is only used as a gemstone.

4. Tritium

Price: $ 30 000 per gram. 
Tritium is used to write signs of "exit" in theaters, schools and offices as it has its own light. Naturally occurring tritium is extremely rare on Earth, where trace amounts are formed by the interaction of the atmosphere with cosmic rays.

3. Diamonds

Price: 55 000 dollars per gram. Colorless stone can cost more than $ 11,000 per carat, but colored diamonds are even more valuable. 

Natural diamonds are the most used in the jewelry industry. In addition, the extreme hardness of diamond has its application in industry: used to make knives, drills, cutters, and similar products.

2. Californium 252

Price: $ 27 millions per gram. 
An element that is very expensive to produce. Isotopes of californium have no practical application. In the West it has only been created once in 1950.

1. Antimatter

Price: 62,5 billion dollars per gram. 
Antimatter in the future could be used as fuel for space ships to other planets. The problem is that its production requires a very precise technology, and to create only 1 gram, the world would have to work a whole year.