The “Carbonado” or black diamonds wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for volcanic eruptions about one million years ago. Even though their age might confuse you to think they are old diamonds, they are not, in fact they can be considered young diamonds as clear diamonds were formed even earlier, about 4.25 billion years ago.

Black Diamonds contain sulfide deposits, scratches; they are hard and can be gray in colour, having a pitted surface making its cutting a challenging thing.

When it comes to Mythology, there is quite a difference if you compare them to normal diamonds or opals. Black diamonds in India were seen as eyes of snakes and spiders, so they considered them as a sign of death. Nevertheless, not all countries thought of it as a curse, Italy thought that all couples could resolve their problems and differences just by touching one.

Even today people from different countries believe that if you touch the 88 carat Korloff Noir Black Diamond, you will be endowed with good luck, fortune and happiness. Nobody can deny the truth of this legend, you might believe it or not but the truth is that if you ever find a black diamond like the Korloff Noir, you’ll better touch it just in case.

Black diamonds have traditionally been a men’s diamond, although lately more and more women are combining the black and white diamonds to show the beauty of their contrast. White stones cost less than black ones, which helps to balance the price of the whole handmade ring.

Black Diamonds are often used for Wedding Jewelry nowadays, for example, many women want a big black diamond as a ring surrounded by little white diamonds. Would you like to take a look at our online shop?