This initiative couldn’t be a part of the investigation of a other company than the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), that firstly travelled to China in order to get to the Hong Kong Gem and Jewellery Fair. After the show, they visited at least seven cities including Shenzhen, Panyu, Sihui, Pingzhou, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, all of this for the search and investigation of the gem and jewelry industry in China, one of the greatest and most antique countries in the world.

After having visited plenty of special and sector places like factories, trading centres, trade organizations, government agencies and retail stores, the GIA team made several interviews, videos and photos in order to document the whole investigation and spread the knowledge.

Most of the work and investigation process will reflect at least five things:

  1.      Chinese Gem and Jewelry Industry Overview
  2.      Inspiration of jewelry designers, where do they get their ideas?
  3.      Jade Industry: An In-Depth overview.
  4.      Visit to one of the world’s largest diamond cutting, colored gemstone cutting and jewelry manufacturing in the world.
  5.      How does the Chinese consumer market explode: Past, Present and Future.

The good thing about these reports is that thanks to the videos, all G&G; articles will include complete visits to factories, trading centres, organizations and retail stores. It will be a real show for the spectator as he/she might get to see every single detail of the Chinese Gem Industry.

And the final straw is the fact that all of us, readers, investigators and pure gem information lovers will be able to download complete field reports and G&G; Articles in English and in Mandarin, being the first time that these kind of GIA documents will be translated into another language other than English.