Cullinan Petra Diamonds, a well known company that extracts gems has confirmed that they have found one of the purest and rarest diamonds in South Africa and probably in the world: It is a blue diamond of 122,52 carats that, if sol don the market, could be millions of dollars worth, as said by the american diary New York Post.

Petra Diamonds is a leading independent diamond mining group and an increasingly important supplier of rough diamonds to the international market.

The diamond, that was found on a mine 30 kms away from Pretoria, could become the mos valuable gem in the world. “the rareness of a blue diamond of this magnitude can make it something really special”, said one of the stewards of the company.

The company said that it will take some time before it goes out to market as they still have to analyze it in order to give it a Price. Nevertheless, it is quite probable that it might be sold in auction in July, giving a huge profit to the company.

“Until now, the biggest price ever paid for a diamond was 35 million dollars in february 2010 for a Stone of 507 carats. We think this piece could be sold for even more money”, said analyst Martin Potts to the BBC.