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The metal ornamentation technique known as Damasquinado is of great antiquity, being the preferred decoration for weapons and suits of armors from immemorial times. It basically consists of embedding a precious metal like 24K gold or fine silver .925 into another common metal such as steel, copper, iron, bronze, etc.  This combination of different metals provides a result of great beauty, real metal marquetry.

There are numerous examples in museums such as the Metropolitan in New York, the Army Museum in Madrid, the Royal Armories Royal Palace of Madrid, etc, where we can find swords, suits of armor, guns , saddles and a long list of damascene items. Being a kind of oriental inspiration and craftsmanship and after the Arab presence in Spain for eight centuries, it is logical that this technique went deeply into the Spanish artisans that learned and maintained it to this day, mainly in the city of Toledo, undoubtedly due its ancient tradition of sword making, armour manufacturing and works on metal in general.


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