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Handmade and Custom Jewelry Jakarta

Is there a better feeling than use  jewel for the first time? Yes! Brand new and also know that it is unique in the world!
To make your jewel unique, at Greco Barcelona we offer you several options to find and create the jewel of your dreams.

The handmade Custom Jewelry by Greco Barcelona in Jakarta are a result of a highly creative work, an exclusive focus when it comes to creating jewelry. Our shapes, quality gems and precision of elaboration are only a couple of our requirements that we follow before making anything. We create jewels with an optimum finishing paying an extreme attention to details, thanks to an amazing control system that guarantees all jewels coming from Greco Barcelona are from extreme quality.

Custom Jewelry Indonesia

We can made the jewelry your dream's... Simple the best Custom Ring, Bracelet, Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings and much, Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings and much more.


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(The Process)

First Phase: Our design studio is constantly creating freehand drawings for new jewel designs. These drawings can be bidimensional, only pencil drawings or even simple sketches. We then choose the ones we really like and start the process to make them true jewels.

Second Phase: We create wax moulds of the drawings we chose. Then we start the development of their mass production, we list, catalogue and store all moulds so that we can then inspect them properly.

Third Phase: We start the process of handmade jewel production from the Wax Department. Here we use emptying liquid machines by injection methods to produce models in mass. The wax models are placed in a tree gruped by orders and quantities. The wax solidifies itself at the endings of these branches.

Fourth Phase: We then mould the wax. Once the wax tree is covered with the plaster to mould, the wax mixed with moulding material melts. After a long procedure, we start with the mould casting process with liquid gold, which is poured into the mould until every single space is covered with it. Once it is cold, the process moves on to the workbench.

Fifth Phase: Once the moulding is completed, we collect the  products and divide them into orders, then we distribute them to the goldsmiths that have to assemble and finish our handmade jewels using traditional welding techniques. Once the jewel is assembled it passes on to the polishers and then to the Quality Control Department.

Sixth Phase: They all go then to the Mount Department, but before being mounted they have to be analyzed meticulously. Among the most used gems we usually work with sapphires, rubies, emeralds, aquamarines, onyx, amethyst, quartz, turquoise, white pearls, black pearls, pink pearls, and, of course: diamonds, which are analyzed in Greco Barcelona’s Diamond Laboratory.

Seventh Phase: A thin coating of rhodium is applied to the metal surface to help enhance the brightness of the white gold or platinum.

Our service is unique, just like our jewelry

Exceptional creations, individual certificate of authenticity and guaranteed security that you can always trust: in our jewelry guide you will find all the information you need about the many privileges that you can enjoy as a Greco customer.


For every jewel that leaves any of our establishments, Greco grants a three-year guarantee that covers any material or manufacturing defect.

Maintain the value

Like all truly valuable things, jewelery also requires periodic care. Therefore, when you are near a Greco establishment, we invite you to enter. While you drink a glass of cold champagne, we take care of cleaning your jewel, check the setting of the stones and check the closures.
Pearls are real miracles of nature and very sensitive to external aggressions. Perfumes, powders and hairspray make them lose their shine, as do acids and cosmetics that contain alcohol. People who value the fascination of genuine pearls will also protect them carefully against rubbing with metals or stones. On the contrary, it is on the skin of the person who carries them where they deploy their maximum power of seduction.
All Greco branches have a jewelry service that deals professionally with the restoration, cleaning, inspection and repair of their jewelry.

The creation

Knowing how to unite the knowledge of materials with goldsmithing and creativity is a special art that very few people dominate. We have been dedicated to him for more than 60 years - and his most beautiful and current expression is the Greco Barcelona jewelry collection.
If you dream of a special jewel that has not yet been made anywhere, our jewelry experts will be responsible for finding the gemstone that best suits your ideas. And our master goldsmiths set it to shine in all its beauty. If you wish, our designers advise you by providing ideas and suggestions.

Diamonds | Natural Color Diamond

Every single Diamond jewel made by Greco Barcelona is a result of a process of investigation and development. We have the luck of counting with a team of creative proffesionals that firstly have to design the jewel itself. Every time you see a quality jewel it is because there is an amazing job behind, a history, a tecnhnichal and gemological knowledge that combined with a creative and stylish investigation, produces a magnificent jewel.

When it comes to handmade jewels, the craftsman experience is crucial in every single step of the process, from the prior design to the creation of the model, the molding of precious metals, the gem set and the finishing.


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