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The Diamond is the most fascinating stone that exists, because of its properties and its beauty. For these reasons it is so popular in jewelry.

When we buy a diamond we always ask the same question: Is it really worth so much money? Have we got all the necessary information? Can we interpret it correctly ? At first glance it is very difficult to differentiate a diamond of very high quality from another of lower quality and yet the price difference can be significant.

We are committed to providing you with all the necessary information so that your purchase is as pleasant as possible. We are READY TO HELP with all your doubts and answer. We will also advise you according to your budget, telling you what would be the best choice from all the stones we offer, taking into account your size, weight, color and purity. 

Our laboratory comprises the best experts and specialists in Spain formed by the Spanish Gemological Institute (IGE), of which we are associate members. Also we are a Official GIA Retailer.

The Greco diamonds respect the UN resolutions in relation to the origin of the gemstones, the Kimberley Process, and are equipped with a special certificate.


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