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A Small Sampling of Customer Comments from Our Product Reviews 

Name: Hisumami

Customer Comment:

So I was having a little trouble with baby K’s Earrings. I chose the old fashione “anting toge” because supposedly it’s the safest, compared to the hazardous hoop earrings, which her little fingers can yank out. But to my horror, the nurse at the hospitaldid a shitty job at bendi the loop at the back of her earring , causing a gap , And it formed into a little hook. And as you all can guess , the hook got stuck to baby k’s collar , and she was criying like heck. Luckily we caught it on time, so there’s no bleeding whatsoever.
I tried closing the loop but it was pretty hard. I had to ask my husband to bring my arts and craft tools all the way from lampung. 

But incident happened twice, and I was like , that’s it, I’m changing the earring. There no way I’m gonnalet this happeto my koala.

So I googled and came across @grecobarcelona_id , and they have the screw type stud , so its not pointy at the back , its super tiny, super safe, no way it can
get stuck in her outfit. Its short so when she sleep sideways, its not going to poke the back of her ear. And the design is super cute.

Name: Tantya

Customer comment:

“Modelnya gemas-gemes banget . dia terbuat dari emas 18 karat & Berlian . dan tidak bikin alergi.
nah anting tusuk yang screw back jadi akan sulit lepas karena diputar dan sulit untuk lepas . Belakangnya tidak menusuk dan sangat aman jadi tidak akan nusuk atau nyangkut.
@grecobarcelona_id  mempunyai model klasik dan yang lucu-lucu juga banyak piliannya”

Name: Tashya_A

Customer comment:

“Grecobarcelona_id ini recommended banget karena antingnya
1.hypoallergenic antingnya
2.bekerjasama dengan RSPI ,jadi kalau mau tindik di RSPI pake anting ini, terus belakangnya safe banget jadi ga tertusuk belakangnya dan sangat aman
bisa di oakai dari newborn sampai dewasa

 “Modelnya gemes-gemes banget, Dia dari emas putih 18 karat dan berlian. Dan tidak bikin alergi karena anting di grecobarcelona-id hypoallergenic

belakanngnya pun diputar jadi sangat sulit untuk lepas dan hilang karena diputar dan sangat aman.
bentuk klasik dan model lucuu-lucu juga anyak pilihannya”

Name: VazterZl

Customer comment:

“Kayra is so exited to open her new @grecobarcelona-id earrings”

thinking of giving your baby girl a birthday present? Or just wanna get her a cute new errings? Maybe first diamond for the little one?
thank you @grecobarcelona_id

-100% Gold (18karat)
-trusted (Big hospital like RSPI is one of their partners)

Name: Babyceciliayoona:

Customer comment:

“Anakku pakai diamond dari Greco Barcelona jadi keliatan prettier”

Name: Cedric Goulard

Customer comment:

Very nice welcome from Miguel, very nice shop clean and respectable.
Them jewelleries are very nice designed for a reasonable price. I highly recommend to go in lippo mall to visit them you will very impressed by the professionnal team.
I was really satisfied by the jewellery.
Have a nice shopping !!!!!!

Name: Cristina Valdes

Customer comment:

Beautiful jewelery and excellent manager in Greco Barcelona. He takes the time to explain us about diamonds. And the selection of baby earings is awesome. Thanks again

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